Samantha Michalak

(Sammy Mich for short)

My goal is to create a calm and comfortable environment for each of my clients to feel encouraged to be themselves. I know it is vulnerable getting your photo taken, heck I hate being in front of the camera and I am the photographer here lol. When your loved ones look at photos of you, they are attached to your memories and the special light you bring to this world. I hope to help you find a little bit of that self-love and make you feel empowered. 

I like to keep my sessions laid back and fun, so expect to listen to music on my portable speaker and chat about life. You'll get tons of fun prompts + poses to shake those photoshoot nerves and get the giggles (and kisses) flowin'.

Previous clients describe me as "Comforting, encouraging, reassuring, down to earth, [and] full of smiles!"

My Values

All bodies deserve to be respected and celebrated regardless of size. I’m on a long journey of learning to love, accept, and respect my body regardless of its changes throughout the years. I know it’s tough – but I am proud of you for still wanting your major milestones to be photographed and pass down family portraits for generations to come. 

Cosmetic editing – we don’t know her. You are beautiful just the way you are. I firmly believe a large portion of negative body image stems from seeing "false" images on social media. I don't want to be a part of the problem. I want to be a part of the solution, encouraging my clients to love and embrace the non-photoshopped version of themselves.

A great client experience is always my top priority. I am a business owner just as much as I am a photographer which means I want you to be able to trust you are in great hands. Communication, punctuality, and professionalism are key focuses of my business.

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