Engagement photoshoots are a perfect opportunity to meet your photographer and prepare for portraits on your wedding day. I like to document wedding days as candidly as possible, however I need to jump in with natural prompts and poses during specific portions of the day. Engagement shoots can help warming up to the camera and knowing what to expect on the big day. Here are 5 tips for a perfect engagement photoshoot!

Incorporate your favorite activity or date-night.

Since this is an opportunity to document your love as a couple, I recommend incorporating as many personal aspects as possible. This can be your first date location, your favorite cocktails, or an activity you love to do together. Of course I have a ton of epic and photo-worthy location suggestions, however it can make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera with something familiar.

Know ahead of time what you want to use the photos for.

Do you need them for “save the date” cards, to hang on your wall, or maybe a little bit of both? When clients need shots for their save the date cards, I am always sure to include a few photos with negative space on top. The reasoning behind this strategy is to give you the opportunity to crop the image for the card or insert a text-overlay with your wedding date. It’s important to know this ahead of time before the shoot. I also work with my client on helping them export the images of the specific resolution needed when designing stationery cards for “save the date” invitations.

Plan outfits accordingly!

You don’t want to browse your closet the morning of your photoshoot. This can cause stress, especially if you don’t have a back-up outfit in case of a wardrobe malfunction. All Sammy Mich Photo clients get professional outfit styling complimentary as a part of your engagement photoshoot. I will help you coordinate outfits based on desired color palettes and the overall style of your shoot location so the coloring of your images look incredible. A general rule-of-thumb is to avoid busy patterns or neon colors, and to opt for neutral tones.

Bring a handler for your pet

It’s very exciting to bring your “fur-baby” to your photoshoot (they are a part of the family!) However it can be stressful trying to occupy your pet when they’re not in the shot. I recommend bringing a friend or family member (and lots of treats) to safely care for your pet during the shots of just the two of you.


Consider having your make-up trial the same day, or splurge on professional make-up. This would be a great opportunity to see how your professional make-up will photograph on the “big day.” Professional make-up applications really make portraits pop with added contrast and contour of the eyes.

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