Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Don't let these gorgeous sand dunes fool you. These are a CHALLENGE to climb and get to lol--definitely not for the faint of heart. There are two different access points to the sand dunes; ORV car access and pedestrian access. The only way to get onto the dunes (via pedestrian access) is by conquering a near death experience (just kidding, but kind of not kidding) of a sand dune that felt like it was 90 degrees straight up.

I had Katie and Brevin go up first, and I couldn't stop laughing as I am trying to follow them. Every time I would take one step up, I would sink and slide 3 steps back. I've never laughed so hard trying to climb a hill lol! Eventually we all made it to the top of this hill and enjoyed a cloudy, moody evening at one of the most breath taking places in the state of Michigan. It honestly felt like we were on another planet. Being a Monday evening we had the dunes to ourselves and it was honestly so magical. I think this is my favorite session to this date.

Once it started getting darker I brought out my new Godox V1 flash & trigger to get some cool off-camera-flash shots. These photos may be deceiving because it was COLD once that sun went down (probably 40 degrees.) When it's cold out ion batteries have a hard time working properly so my flash took 3-4 seconds to recover (which should only take less than 1 second) however I am still really happy with how the flash shots turned out. Scroll to the bottom for more!

I hope you enjoy!

XO Sammy