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General FAQ

What is your philosophy regarding photography?

My photography philosophy is to capture you and your loved ones in your natural, genuine state and to document moments as they are happening. My goal is to capture and document raw emotion, which is done through different prompts, lighting techniques, and being a professional fly on the wall!

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with your digital images within 14 days for portrait sessions, and 4 weeks for weddings & elopements.

How many pictures will we receive?

Portrait sessions include 30 digital images of your choice (unless otherwise stated in your package.) Your online gallery will contain proof images where you can select the digital files you would like to download in high resolution. At this time you can purchase additional images for $10 each, or $99 for the entire gallery. For weddings, see below.

Do you back up our images?

Absolutely. Since all of your images are digital, I take great pride of caring for them in the best way possible. After each wedding and portrait session I double back up your RAW files to two hard drives. I never delete your RAW files off my memory cards until your gallery is delivered.

Are there travel fees?

Any session or wedding in Michigan greater than 30 miles from Brighton, MI will be $1 per mile. Columbus $150 flat rate, Raleigh $300 flat rate.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

Believe it or not, most images taken during your portrait session are out-takes, or test shots to get my settings perfect for the next image. This is why I hand select the best images for my editor to retouch and apply my settings. For a 50 minute session my editor will retouch about 60-80 images. From there, you can select up to 30 images included in your package. Any additional high-resolution image will be $10 each or $99 for the entire gallery.

What do you mean by "retouch"?

As a body positive activist and natural beauty lover, I strongly refrain from cosmetically retouching my photographs or subjects. Our editor only adjust color, tones, and lighting settings on our photos.

Will you personally be editing our photos?

Sometimes! We have an experienced editor as a part of the Sammy Mich Photo team that helps out during busier seasons to ensure every client gets their photos on time, and looking perfect. Our editor uses custom advanced settings created by Sammy, and Sammy has the final say on every image before it is delivered to any client.

What is your cancellation policy (non-wedding)?

For portrait sessions (non wedding clients) final balances are due 7 days prior to your portrait session. Clients that cancel with less than 7 days notice are still responsible for the full remaining balance for their portrait session as fair compensation for Sammy Mich Photo reserving your session date and turning down other potential clients. Clients may cancel their portrait session greater than 7 days prior to their portrait session without being responsible for fulfilling payment for the remaining balance of their session. All cancellations must sign a cancellation agreement.

Wedding + Engagement FAQ's

How many pictures will we receive for our wedding?

I hate to be the person that gives the "it depends" answer, but it truly does! If your wedding day is running true to schedule, you can expect roughly 30-40 images per hour. It also depends on what wedding day events are important to you and your partner to be photographed. Certain wedding day traditions generate more photos than others like first looks, bridal party photos, and getting ready photos. I do not "cut off" wedding galleries at a certain amount, and edit all of the images that properly and professionally capture your wedding day, avoiding duplicates or out-takes.

When should we schedule our engagement pictures?

Most couples schedule their engagement portraits within 90 days of getting engaged, however there is no time limit or timeline you have to stick to! You should also take into consideration seasons, weather, and locations that you and your partner would like to incorporate.

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! Exploring new places is my favorite thing to do, and I am honored you are interested in bringing me along! Travel fees are based on airfare and hotel costs.


Choosing to reschedule your wedding is a very intimate and personal decision. I am always human before I am a business owner and am handling COVID the best I can while still maintaining operations. I allow a one-time transfer of your deposit to a future date I am available if your event is affected by local, state, or federal restrictions due to the pandemic. Two or greater reschedules will need an additional $500 retainer as fair compensation for Sammy Mich Photo turning down other potential clients while reserving your original event date. Cancellations do not constitute a deposit refund and will need to sign a cancellation agreement.