Feel confident walking into any lighting situation.

I've been there. Your stomach drops walking into a dark and dreery set with NO windows, or entering a giant ballroom with one on camera flash wondering how you are going to make these images come to life. The panic runs through your veins as you give your camera a pep-talk hoping your ISO doesn't leave your photos too grainy and unusable. Imagine walking into any lighting scenario feeling confident you will be able to provide your clients with photos they love, full of depth and dimension that kicks a one-light set up to the curb.

I am excited to host my first Sammy Mich Photo workshop on Sunday June 26th in Brighton, Michigan! This workshop is intended for photographers with prior knowledge on how to use manual settings on a camera. No prior flash photography knowledge is required!

You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Determine the right flash gear for you and your business.
  • Confidently set up and sync your flash, strobe, and trigger.
  • Create dimensional light in your images.
  • Create natural indoor lighting scenarios.
  • Set up reception and event lighting for epic portraits.
  • Determine the right flash modifiers for your projects.
  • Tips and tricks for creative flash shots.

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There will only be 15 spots available for the in-person workshop.

Early access email subscribers will be the first to reserve their seat on April 17th.

Reservations will open up to the public on April 18th!