A customized approach based on growing your business as much as mastering your craft.

When I first started my portrait photography business, I focused on the "Client Experience" just as much as my craft. I knew if I wasn't marketing myself and providing my clients a fun and welcoming, albeit professional experience -- I would quickly be out of business (or my business wouldn't grow how I knew it could.) I spent just over 4 years completing my Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and over three years studying client relationships and business growth in the Sales and Marketing world. I knew if I married my business based experience with my photography experience, I could truly help others reach their full potential -- and beyond.

Like many service based professionals, there is an endless amount of photographers for your clients to choose from. I'm here to make sure they keep choosing you, refer their friends and family to you, all while enhancing your technical abilities. I'm here to help both photographers just starting their business and veteran photographers grow their revenue and referral base while providing an unforgettable client experience.

Week 1

50 Minute Virtual Session

We will go back to the basics. I’ll have you walk me through your client experience from start to finish, and go over your favorite (and least favorite) lighting + composition scenarios on shoots. Together we’ll paint the picture of who you are as a photographer and business owner, and where you would like to be. We’ll discuss your greatest strengths, and areas you’d like to advance.

You'll leave your first session with a clear path on how to move forward to crush your goals, and be ready for your curated one-on-one course for week #2.

Week 2

75 Minute Session (virtual or in-person)

Your one-on-one course will be specifically created for you and your business. Some topics we will cover in-depth based on our first session: client experience, marketing, composition, lighting, editing, flash, posing, websites, tools & resources, plus anything else specific to you and your business plan.

You will leave your course with digital files you can use to reference at any time.


Mentorship Program

The investment for the Sammy Mich Photo Mentorship Program includes two sessions.

50% is required to book your first session, and the remaining balance is due before your second session.